Repossessed Homes – FAQs 2

What is an N244 Form?
Once you have taken proper legal advice, N244 form is probably the most important document you can have. The form allows you access to appear before the judge again and for a typical cost of £35 . It allows you to have an emergency hearing at any given point, even if you have anb eviction notice the following week for example. It means that you will be bale to appear before the judge to get an eviction turned down.

What Can I Do To Stop My Home Being Repossessed?
The first thing you should do is take advice. We have provided some information of where to get good advice on homes repossession. The judge has no mandate whatsoever to repossess your property and always looks after your best interests. Even if you appear without a solicitor the judge will typically try and help you as he does not want your home to be repossessed. A person whose house is repossessed can then become a burden on the state so the judge will try and avoid this and be on your side. However he is legally bound to use the legal system to seek possession of your property.

Can I Contest a Repossession Order or Eviction Order?
Yes you can contest a repossession order or eviction order. Again you will need a N244 form to get an emergency hearing before the judge. It is important to note that the judge will require some evidence as to why you are contesting. Eg. Remortgage evidence or evidence of sale of the property.

Are there companies that will buy my house and then rent it back to me to avoid repossession?
Yes there are a number of companies on the market who will buy your property and then rent it back to you. each will have different conditions but it must be noted that they are mercenary companies and typically will not pay more than between 65% and 80% of the value of your property. We would usually advise selling on the open market instead, but depending on how fast you need to act and if you want to stay in the property renting your house back from one of these companies can be an option.

How quickly can a repossession be stopped?
A property repossession can be stopped merely by paying all the arrears on the account in full. This will stop an eviction process immediately even if you are at the court stage.

Can I sell my home to avoid it being repossessed?
A home can be sold at any point to any interested parties, even after it has been repossessed provided it hasn’t already been resold.

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